Comic’s Choice Awards™ 2014 – The point of funny

After successfully adding new events to the CCA calendar, adding R30m in local media coverage to the local comedy scene and creating another spectacular main awards show, the awards are back, earlier, slicker, and more exciting than ever. With registration opening soon, and the culminating ceremony chalked up for August, the comedy industry has seen real growth over the last year, and many acts will move into new categories.

“We are always under pressure to innovate the process, and refine the systems,” says Taffia Keight, “it’s not easy providing a platform that allows 85% of an industry to vote fairly, accurately and efficiently, and so we ask for feedback and after some rigorous modeling, we implement the ideas that take the awards forward.”

2014 sees increased commitment from some of the sponsors, and a shake-up of others.

“As we grow the awards into a lasting part of the SA comedy landscape, some brands recognise the growth and roll with it, while others are not able to keep up, we are grateful that they have helped us to this point, and we hope they will find other local comedy projects to associate with.”

In terms of the theme, the CCA’s are being cryptic as usual, not wanting to give away too much about what will happen at the big show, but the team are able to say this: “We have done “serious about funny”, “the colour of funny” and “the art of funny” – we feel that it’s about time we looked at “the point of funny” – there are so many theories on what comedy is supposed to be – well, hopefully, we can add some fuel to that discussion this year… stand by to laugh, for all kinds of reasons…” says show co-director, Dani Hynes.

The main show will take place at the Teatro on Saturday 2nd August. Registered comics receive free tickets to all CCA events. Non-registered acts and the public can book for all shows at Computicket.