Vusi Thembekwayo

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Vusi Thembekwayo is world renowned South African entrepreneur, public speaker and venture capitalist. He was born on the 21st March 1985 in Benoni on the East Rand of Gauteng Province, South Africa. Vusi is best known as one of the ‘dragons’ in the South African version of Dragons Den. Dragons Den was a DSTV Mzansi Magic reality show in which entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to a group of investors with hopes for investment in their businesses. Vusi Thembekwayo has invested in many busineses and is regarded as one of the richest South Africans under the age of 35.

One of the most important attributes about him is that he recognized his God-given talent of public speaking from a very early age. It has been reported that by the time he was 17 years, he was already ranked as one of the best in the whole African continent for motivational speaking.

Coming from an ordinary background, Vusi was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Life was difficult at times for him, but he managed to get a good primary and secondary education. Upon completion of his matric, he enrolled at university but dropped out in his first year due to financial constraints. This did not deter him though, but actually made him make other plans. He started looking for a job in shopping malls in the East Rand of Johannesburg in shops and any other potential place of employment. This proved to be a fruitless exercise. Perhaps it was due to fate because he soon continued with his borne oratory skills. He was good in talking in public and convincing people and would use that to his advantage in the years to follow. Having realised the difficulty of find a job, he then used this personality trait coupled with his international networks (acquired through public speaking in previous years) and mobile phones to his financial advantage. He started recruiting apprentices in South Africa for jobs based in England and Australia. This initiative led to the creation of his first company called Global Professionals South Africa, which then created a global recruitment agency which he operated from the comfort of the four walls of his bedroom.

Business Mogul

At 25 Vusi ran a R400mn division in a R17bn multi-national. Today he is one of the youngest directors of a listed company and is the CEO of a boutique investment and advisory firm that forces medium, large and listed businesses into much needed, often painful, always lucrative new directions. He also serves on several boards. The edge of chaos is the world in which he lives.

Global Speaker

He doesn’t just talk business – he lives it. He does more than inspire revolution, he initiates it. He has been the catalyst for change in businesses across the globe through expertise in strategy, leadership and sales. New York, London, Paris, Lagos, Jersey, Guernsey, Rio de Janeiro, Dar es Salaam, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Colombo, Nairobi, Kampala, San Francisco and another 21 global cities have all experienced Vusi.

Vusi’s talents don’t just encompass business. A keen petrol head too, Vusi loves racing cars in his spare time and challenges himself to accomplish one ‘terrifying’ thing every year. Heck, he’s even raced cars against F1 champion, Mika Hakkinen.