Dr Roelof Botha is currently Joint Managing Director of GOPA Group SA, a multi-disciplinary research company that specialises in development facilitation. He has been an economic advisor to PricewaterhouseCoopers for the past 17 years and is an experienced presenter & sought after consultant.

In 2005, he received the Sake-24/ABSA award for Economist of the Year, based on the accuracy of forecasts of key economic indicators. He is a regular commentator on topical macroeconomic issues (in the national and regional media) and has authored more than 100 articles, books and research publications.

Dr Roelof Botha’s broad experience includes management accountant of a listed industrial company, financial editor of a daily newspaper, economic policy advisor in the Department of Finance, senior economics lecturer at the University of Pretoria & University of Johannesburg, chief economist of the South African Federated Chamber of Industries, and visiting lecturer at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) & Tshwane University of Technology.

Topics that address South Africa’s challenges & opportunities in 2015

(Please note that any combination may be chosen)

The global economy
 Global economy gaining some momentum
 China facing structurally lower growth
 The dawning of a new World order- multiple superpowers
 International credit ratings agencies losing face

Socio-political overview – South Africa
 Labour unrest – a serious threat, but potential solutions exist
 The nature of social unrest – a macro or micro-level problem?
 Unpacking the NDP- which objectives will receive priority?
 A time-line for the end of the tripartite alliance

Prospects for the regional & South African economy

 GDP growth forecasts for SADC
 Relatively low interest rate environment set to continue
 Relatively stable exchange rate expected over the medium term
 Trends in household consumption expenditure
 Capital formation trends
 Gradual return of the “wealth effect”
 Constraints to and drivers of economic growth in 2015


 The diminishing role of the mining sector
 Threats facing agriculture & food security
 Commodity cycle downturn enters 5th year – time for an upswing?
 Energy – structural shifts in supply & the demand response
 The portfolio investment industry – lucrative & growing

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