Lorne Sulcas”THRIVING IN A WILD WORLD™: Powerful Success Lessons from Africa’s 3 Big Cats.” 

Sustaining growth, results, resilience and extraordinary teamwork in the face of change and competition.

  “…your presentations added huge value to our IPM conferences and out of the box thinking. Whenever I talk to IPM delegates, ‘that guy who talked about the lessons from the animals’ is one thing they all vividly remember and still talk about.”  – -DALE CROSSMAN. ED.D, IPM PROGRAMS, NASA

From the bushveld to business…

Watching and photographing Africa’s wildlife for more than two decades, LORNE SULCAS never imagined he would become a sought-after professional speaker addressing US giants such as NASA, Sony Music, and AT&T, on his experiences and learnings as a long-time game ranger and safari guide.  Lorne’s compelling presentations have been inspiring top organizations, entrepreneurs and athletes in the USA and South Africa on performance since 1996 with his expert knowledge, personal experiences, captivating stories, and his highly-awarded wildlife photos.

In the tough, “eat or be eaten” marketplace of Nature, Africa’s three big cats – cheetah, leopard, and lion – are superlative hunters with a million-year old proven track record of success in a fiercely competitive, challenging and changing world. In his entertaining, powerful Thriving in a Wild World™ keynote presentation, Lorne shares with humour, passion and rousing story-telling, results-changing lessons from these remarkable felines of sustaining growth, resilience and extraordinary teamwork in the face of massive challenges, change and competition.

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