Jittery Citizens

Available Courses:


Masterclass in learning how to embrace failure

Any successful entrepreneur knows that failure is a natural component of the practice of doing business. In order to become a master in any endeavour, one needs to fail often and fail freely. Taking risks and moving beyond your comfort zone is an essential part of success. In FREE FAILING, we learn that in life as in improv, there are no scripts, failing is inevitable but if we can embrace it, we will realize that failure is opportunity for something truly magical to happen.


• Facing Your Fears
• Embracing Failures
• Confidence Building
• Facing Your Fears.
• Being Brave
• Trust Initial Impulses
• Finding Your Inner Voice
• Quieting Your Inner Critic
• Mastering The 5 Second Rule
• Don’t Think! Just Do.

Mastering interpersonal communication

Become an expert conversationalist

This two-day highly interactive masterclass participants will learn the art of effective communication and spontaneous speaking.  Becoming an expert conversationalist is essential to maintaining strong interpersonal and clients relationships. Working in multi-cultural environments, communicating effectively can be challenging. This course will teach participants the art of interacting with others, ensuring that your encounters with those around you are dynamic and what to do to make you the most interesting person in the room.


  • Persuasive Language
  • Decoding Facial Expressions
  • Make Impactful First Impressions
  • Engaging Conversation Starters
  • Physical Communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Raising your PQ
  • Building Lasting Relationships
  • Assertiveness
  • Active Listening
  • Charisma is Contagious


There’s no ‘i’ in team

Team effectiveness training

The act of improvising is typically not done alone, since interaction is a key component of the process. This is why improvisational activities are excellent vehicles to help groups or “teams” interact effectively. Team building through improvisation is both fun and effective in helping presenters understand the dynamics of human interaction.


  • Listening & Responding
  • Trust
  • Playing a Supporting Role
  • Manage Challenge More Effectively
  • Communicate More Effectively in Crisis
  • Developing Group Mind
  • Positive Collaboration
  • Creating Meaningful Relationships


“Claudine is a great facilitator. Her energy and enthusiasm made the group connect and grow above and beyond”  Tanya Demby, Stephan Welz and Co, Antique Specialist

“This is hands down the best team building session I’ve ever done! Claudine was amazing! I had so much fun with my work colleagues, eventually I was in tears with laughter. It really does get you out of your comfort zone! I highly recommend it!” Samantha Maris,  
Mann Made Media

“The training was truly amazing. Had so much fun learning how to be more comfortable being me. I’m leaving this session full of energy and inspired.” dzifa mensah, hr director, unilever 

“Thank you for helping me tap into my inner child. I learned to embrace failure and not fear it. Absolutely fantastic session.” Jade Wright, HR Director,Unilever