Gilli Apter is a Johannesburg born-and-raised comic, writer and director.

Gilli, pronounced with a hard G! has worked as a comedy writer since 2005, on a variety of different platforms. Her work includes: Marc Lottering’s sitcom, Loitering in Jozi; SAFTA-winning satirical news show, ZAnews and SABC3 sitcom, Those Who Can’t and most recently, Nik Rabinowitz’s 2016/2017 one-man show, Fortyfied.

In 2015 Gilli started writing for herself – because after enduring success writing TV shows that no one has ever seen, the next logical step was to do stand up in places no one ever goes to.

The plan is ultimately for the comedy, writing and directing to come together for a threesome that results in a few loveable TV series and feature film lovechildren.

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