Carmen Murray is the founder for Boo-Yah!, an African inspired Advisory and Educational Marketing Services Company. Carmen has become a household name among business professionals as a result of her inspirational ”masterclasses” These sessions have reached thousands of people across SA. Masterclasses inspire people to disrupt and delight addressing sessions such as Mobile Innovation, Gamification, the 4th Tech Transformation, Sales 4.0, Fueling Creativity and Inspiring Innovation, Brand Purpose and Future-Fit for tomorrow’s realities. The new horizon of the Wonder Women in Tech to name a few.

Carmen’s big personality and presentation style can also be found on the airwaves on The WITEE Chatterbots Show (Women in Tech Empowering Everyone) Carmen has been a inspirational speaker in the conference circuit globally at more than 100 events in 20 countries to a combined audience of over 21,000 people. Whether a few or thousands of spectators, she brings knowledge that is easy to understand, actionable and entertaining Industry Contributions include MMA, IAB, DMA, MRMW, AMASA, BOGDM, Brand Live, Social TV Education Contributions include GIBS, AAA School of Advertising, and an array of local and international business schools.

Carmen Is certified with the IDM and DMI


Brand Purpose Activist
Mobile Expert
Futurist and Tech Expert
Innovation Strategist
Women in Tech Evangelist
Marketing Expert

Keynote Topics

Fundamentals to Delight and Disrupt by activating Brand Purpose
To App or not to App?
The 5 Layers of Mobile Innovation
FUTURE-FIT for Tomorrows Realities
Sales 4.0 – See Think Do Differently
Don’t Copy, but Do Simulate, Innovate and Elevate
Fueling Creativity and Inspiring Innovation
How to Build a culture of Idea Hunters
A new horizon for Women in Tech
The Connected Marketer ™
The Power of 3 for an impactful Campaign

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