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Adéle Maritz

Adéle Maritz completed her Matric in 1990. Her career background includes Journalism, Advertising, Marketing, Management, and Public Relations. Adéle applied her combined expertise and an interest in entrepreneurial development, in particular growing national franchises, and brands. Adéle Maritz knowledge of the burgeoning retail industry aided her in serving on foremost National Franchise committees; also in the capacity of Chairlady. Her 20 years’ experience in the South African retail industry secured her the position of Marketing Manager for Iliad Africa in 2009 where she played an integral part in the roll out of a national monolithic brand.  Currently she runs her own consultancy business that offers a wide range of brand development and marketing services to a customer base ranging from retailers to entertainers.
Adéle was born with a severely disfigured leg that was amputated twice, the first time being at 9 years of age.  She has suffered several obstacles in live, the worst being the death of her 8 year old daughter who was shot due to a case of mistaken identity during a house robbery in 2012.

Adéle Maritz compelling story of the event, aftermath and journey to finding hope again is what forms the basis of her public speaking topics.  As part of her personal mission to assist other mothers who have lost children she started “Surviving Loss” mid 2016 and runs a Facebook page (with 4200 followers) and website under the same banner.

She is using her years of public speaking experience, gained through leading workshops, presentations and lectures as a fundamental part of spreading the “Surviving Loss” message.

There are 2 main audience groups that will benefit and can be targeted:

  1. Corporate Groups – looking to either inspire hope as part of employee well-being programs, as part of Change Management programs or as conference guest speaker.
  2. Societies, Churches and other Social Groups looking to have a speaker that resonates with an emotional story of triumph and hope.

Corporate Groups:

Due to Adéle’s experience in corporate change management projects she has built her own experience of a changed reality into a talk that aligns the cycle of grief with the change management process.   This creates a unique platform to convey the effect of change at the workplace on emotions and certain human reactions – without putting emphasis on the audiences’ specific situation.

Social Groups:

For these talks the focus is much more personal with the emphasis on each person having an individual journey, how nobodies pain in their own life can be compared to the others’ and although “life happens” and we lose focus of what is really important sometimes you need to stand still for a moment, find pleasure in the small things and live with hope.

All talks can be tailor made to incorporate specific circumstances or messages the organisers would like to convey and can be done in either English or Afrikaans.

Feedback from previous audience members:

“Adele se aangrypende verhaal neem jou op ‘n bevrydende reis vanaf diepe hartseer en tragedie tot onblusbare hoop.  Voorwaar ‘n inspirasie gebore uit die realiteit van die regte lewe.” – ds. Leon Marais (comine@ngkstrandnoord.co.za)

“Extremely moving and thought provoking. Here story of survival can only lead you to review your own life with fresh eyes.” – Carlo du Preez (carlo@gingercats.co.za)

“Adele’s ability to bring her tragic personal experience to the fore and use it to create a light for the future is very touching, thought provoking and insightful. Her strength can be a guide in any aspect of life…” – Giuseppe Martiin