Vittorio Leonardi

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- Acting
- Voice Overs
- Script Writing
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In his 11 years on stage, Vittorio Leonardi has tried to show audiences a new way to see the world - slightly skewed, a bit quirky and governed by cartoon law. Hailing from the streets of Welkom, this Italian-born stallion left home and successfully navigated the many pitfalls of a world with shoes and electricity in his travels around SA. From shoe sizes to the inner workings of the Roman Army; from heavy metal to relationship jargon, this comic takes the world, turns it sideways and gets us to see it as it could be if we'd all just reach behind our backs, pull out a cream pie, throw it and learn to laugh.

Vittorio Leonardi began his career on August 27th 1999 and has been a stand-up comedian for over 11 years. Added to that, he is also an accomplished improvised comedian having performed with the Joe Parker’s Improv Express and The Starship Improvise for over 8 years.

He has been invited to give three talks on comedy by Toastmasters South Africa and twice by Mensa.

He has also worked in the animations industry with Ron Major of Major Productions using patented software, Chatscreen. This software allows the voice artist to give a voice and personality to a live-action animated character that can be developed for any occasion. This style of animation is very unique as it allows the voice artist to interact with passers-by in real time.

Vittorio has been the resident MC at various comedy nights across Gauteng including Tanz Café, Bryanston; News Café, Faerie Glen and The Venetian Show Bar in The Marco Polo Casino.

In 2008, Vittorio was awarded two Comedy Industry Awards presented by Acappella Productions and voted on by fellow comedians. He received The Trusty Steed Award for most reliable comedian and The Scribe Award for highest turnover of new material.

In television, he has made appearances on Comedy Showcase (2001) and Laugh Out Loud (2005) and the political satire show, Last Say on Sunday (2009) where he was both head writer and a cast member. He has also made appearances on Joe Parker Comedy Express II DVD.

He is currently a script writer for SABC 1’s celebrity gossip show Real Goboza Reloaded and is listed among the top creative writers at the SABC.

In film, he appeared in District 9 as Michael Bloemstein; an MNU Alien Civil Affairs Representative.