Thapelo Tips Seemise

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Thapelo Tips Seemise, otherwise known as Tips (Thru Inspiration People Succeed) is a seasoned stage performer – as a trained Contemporary Dance choreographer, comedian as a singer and drummer in church and community choir.

He worked at the 2002 world summit as a presidential tour guide and later (2006) he graduated as a Dancer and Choreographer from SA’s top contemporary dance school JOHANNESBURG DANCE FOUNDATION, while working as a dancer and comedian part-time.

Thapelo “Tips” Seemise is one of South Africa’s leading celebrities. He is well known in the following industries:

Comedian: Thapelo is one of SA’s top celebrity comedians.
Actor: Thapelo is known for his leading role as Shampoo in “Taxi Ride”.
Sports Presenter: Thapelo Tips is the only comedian sports presenter in the country. Giving people a new and hilarious spin on sporting analysis. You can see Thapelo every Wednesday on SABC’s sports show “Sports at 10”.

This multi talented entertainer is well versed as a professional dancer, choreographer, comedian and actor. He is also a singer and drummer for a church and community choir. Thapelo studied dance and choreography at South Africa’s leading contemporary dance school (Johannesburg Dance Foundation). He graduated from the Johannesburg Dance Foundation in 2006.

Dance however was and is not Thapelo’s only passion. While studying, Thapelo practiced his comedy skills and had several comedy gigs under his belt. In 2002 Thapelo worked at the world summit as a presidential tour guide. This has resulted in the cool charismatic character you see on stage.

Thapelo is probably one of the only seasoned entertainers trained and performing in more than one designated art. Being one of the funniest comedians in the country soon landed him a leading role in the South African film industry. All this spotlight attention has not dented his down to earth and humble personality. Always raising money for underprivileged children, Thapelo often visits schools performing standup comedy for the children.