Napoleon Masinga

- Comedy Performance
- MC Duties
- Facilitation
R 15 000.00 > R 30 000.00

The NapstaKing of Christian Comedy (real name Napoleon Masinga), is a South African based Christian Comedian with over 10 years experience in drama and performing arts. The Napsta has handled all types of audiences as a comedian, including a live audience of over 27,000 delegates from all over the world at an International Pastors & Partners Conference hosted in Nigeria. This high energy, versatile and dynamic entertainer will have you falling off your chair through his accents, impersonations, ventriloquism, and musi-comedy. From bible characters, socio-economic issues, character stereotypes, to everyday church issues, The Napsta offers a custom made complete set/routine/act that can cater for a diverse or niche audience. Surprisingly, even non-Christians and Corporates can enjoy a good laugh watching clean comedy with a positive message from The Napsta. So, whether it’s an intimate and exclusive private affair, a corporate event, or thousands seated in an auditorium or stadium, The Napsta is the right man for your next event.