Mark Furman

- Business Presentation
- Panel Discussion
R 25 000.00 > R 40 000.00

Mark Furman has conversations with people for a living.
Mark is the CEO and founder of Evalu8r, a cloud - based business intelligence platform.
As a seasoned conference speaker, having been on the circuit for over 10 years before taking a sabbatical and launching Evalu8r.
His topics included marketing and business warfare, decision – making. How to make them and how to influence them.
He was probably best known for “Kick Butt!!!” – a sales motivation program.

He prides himself on being irreverent and relevant.
He is witty, entertaining and sometimes totally blunt. A human scud missile that can go off at any time and any place.
Over the past 14 years he has personally conducted independent deep- dive interviews with over 1000 customers of his various clients. His team have conducted thousands more. And more recently he has been conducting exit and other staff interviews.
He is back with new material and insight gained from practical experience in the field.
His two favorite talks are:
The Decision- Making Tool Kit.
o Life would be so much better if we all knew how to make better decisions.

Balanced decisions.
o In our personal and business lives.
o As individuals and as families and teams. In relationships.
o In sales, customer care and employee interactions.
o Using Neuroplasticity, the tool is a simple, innovative methodology combining both EQ and IQ.
o Suitable for senior execs all the way through to the lowest levels of staff, house wives, high school, and university students.

If you want your management and staff to develop their gut-feel and to improve their decision-making skill, then this is a no - brainer.
What customers want.
o Your customers have changed. Have you?
o Do you know what your customers want?
o Are you sure?
o You may be surprised and even shocked at what they really want and expect.

Mark is an expert in this field and can help your team better understand and engage with your customers and staff.

• Mark has a degree in marketing with multiple post grads in marketing, advertising and communication.
• He is also a qualified Cost Accountant.
• He is currently writing a book on decision - making.
• He has trained in Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Brazilian Ju - Jitsu and Krav Maga for over 20 years.