Lebogang Chaka

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Lebogang Chaka has lived in Australia, traveled the African continent and worked for top-tier companies such as Deloitte, KPMG and Accenture. A curious soul, having studied marketing, international business, African studies and now a doctorate in entrepreneurship.

Lebogang is a seasoned management consultant, having advised both the public sector and Fortune 500 companies in South Africa. She was also seconded to provide advisory services in Dubai to a company that ranks in the top 100 Fortune 500 in Dubai.

Her career has seen her travel to the United States of America to receive world class training in management consulting. She has advised companies in various industries such as Financial Services; Automotive; Health and Insurance; Mining; Oil & Gas; Retail; Telecommunications; Higher Education; Postal Services; FMCG and the Public Sector.

She is a passionate Pan-Africanist and is committed to Africa’s renewal. She has recently been appointed as the inaugural Chairperson of the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute (TMALI) Alumni Forum. She is a recipient of the Business Women Association of South Africa bursary for the year 2016. She was profiled in the ‘winning woman’ magazine in the City Press for woman’s month alongside top business woman in SA. She sits on the advisory board of Africa Future Dialogue.

KEYNOTE: Responsibilities of Africans to innovate and collaborate with each other across the continent

Sub-Saharan Africa has 936 million inhabitants with two thirds of its population aged under 25, universal access to education is still a major challenge. We need to target our solutions to contributing to the such basic needs.
An African proverb, “Do not forget what is to be a sailor because of being a captain yourself” as such let us not forget to continually look at our smartphones, our tablets, our laptops, even our various activity trackers.
As Africans, we need to look at this simple digital tool and ask how can my community be helped by this technology.
We must as Africans remain bothered by the inequality that exists in our countries. For us to address the basic needs of our people, we need to understand the rising inequalities. This inequality impedes the development of our continent.
The basic idea of inequality of opportunity is that inequality of outcomes between households such as income, assets, or education are determined by two key factors: those which the individual has some degree of control or choice called “effort” and those that are beyond its control called here “circumstances”.
Inequality arising from circumstances that can only be corrected through public action and often failure to address them could lead to resentment, social tension and even conflict.
As African leaders, this means that you must be constantly thinking what are these circumstances that I can influence that will reduce if not eliminate social tension in my Quincy Village in the Seychelles.
It needs to be a deliberate undertaking for you as a an African to offer your wisdom and lead.
Lebogang has been featured on radio shows, MC’d events, spoken at the African Union Headquaters in Ethiopia, spoken at the Pan-African Parliament, she has addressed the Former President, and Thabo Mbeki…her rich diverse experiences bring life to any stage….Some of speaking engagements are listed below…

Lebogang ChakaState of the Union/Human Rights Institute of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa. Lebogang invited to discuss the role of youth in the realisation of Agenda 2063 African Human Rights Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa. Lebogang was the keynote address for the conference African Union Youth Club Launch, Johannesburg, South Africa. Lebogang was the MC for the historic launch of the African Union Youth Club in Johannesburg.

African Youth Human Rights Workshop, Pretoria, South Africa. Lebogang delivered the key note address where she strongly emphasised the need for collaborative efforts from the youth in uniting and fighting for their rights.

African Union Youth Summit, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lebogang participated at the AU Agenda 2063 International Youth Summit. Lebogang was selected to present the health resolutions during the Africa Youth Day celebrations Power FM Radio Station, Johannesburg, South Africa. Lebogang was a guest at the radio station where she addressed critical African issues ranging from “African Leadership” to “Youth Participation”.

Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Midrand, South Africa. Lebogang was part of a panel where she addressed “Civic Engagement and Youth Participation” at the 7th African Youth and Governance Conference hosted by the PAP.