Daryl Williams

- Comedy Performance

R 10 000.00 > R 17 500.00

Daryl Williams is a very hard worker and has made bridges where there wern't any, he has successfully completed many goals that many deemed impossible. To save you the read, here is a to the point bio of the stuff he has completed in less than two years in the comedy industry.

- Social media viral videos with over 120 000 views
- Toured different cities in SA like JHB, CPT, PMB, EL and PE as well as different countries like Swaziland, Portuguese Islands and Australia.
- Successfully completed two one man comedy specials: Home Coming and Too Coloured with both being a major success.
- Currently a paid and touring act and has featured in prominant clubs such as The Goliath Comedy Club and Parkers.
- Currently the reigning Comikazi comedy competition winner which takes place at Parkers and to be included into grab the mic.
- He is also one of the biggest promoters of comedy in Durban and brings in comedians from all over SA to star in his major comedy gigg 'The All
Star Comedy Jam'
- He is also a content writer, worked on feature films and is currently the ambassador for arts and culture in Durban South.
Registering for : Newcomer and Breakthrough catergories.

Daryl Williams is now a full time comedian and between touring, he is booked with many corporate bookings and events. His passion and drive is relentless and his love for the art form of comedy is unmatched which is why he has built a nation wide following in such a short space of time.