Brett St Clair

- Business Presentation
- Panel Discussion
- MC
- Keynote
- Team Thinking
- Facilitation

R 50 000.00

Brett St Clair, The Ex Googler, turned digital banker and head of digital product management at Barclays Africa has over 20 years of experience in the global digital landscape. Brett is passionate about the Power of Scale and how Digital technology is the business enabler. Brett has over 10 years of proven experience where he worked to build global successes at Admob (world’s largest Mobile Advertising network), Android, Youtube, Google and Cloud Computing where he mastered the secret of Silicon Valley. Brett helps companies and individuals take advantage of what is available today in order to ensure their businesses are thriving tomorrow. Brett is an energetic, empathetic and passionate speaker who interprets the world of technology into entertaining and actionable layman’s terms.

-Digital Transformation is the path to Innovation
-The Era of IoT is really about Selfies
-The Culture behind DevOps
-The Crypto Currency Alphabet LTD, ICO, BTC, So?
-Digital the new way of working
-Let’s get Artificially Intelligent about cataclysmic platform shifts
-Small data counts more than Big data
From Googler to Banker

-Go Big to think Small
-Let’s solve a Customer Problem
-Get Going with Agile now