About Whacked

Owned by one of South Africa’s most seasoned management executives Taffia Keight, Whacked now incorporates an artist/speaker booking agency, exclusive talent management and an expanding production division.

Begun in a spare bedroom in 1997, Whacked now books hundreds of appearances annually, produces theatre and television and provides management to eight leading SA comedians.


Whacked, has evolved from a small talent-booking agency into a provider of integrated creative services across three categories: talent/production/design.

Whether we are:

  • advising on talent for your next golf day, providing MC’s for your Gala dinner, or helping cast your next campaign,
  • designing and executing a multimedia strategy conference for four thousand banking leaders over five days,
  • taking a corporate culture to ten countries to meet it’s subsidiaries and facilitate sharing of ideas,
  • designing and executing the R50m+ media platform that houses the Savanna Comics Choice Awards,
  • producing a series of top-rated specials for Comedy Central,
  • going under cover to document the consumer experience of an iconic SA brand without anyone knowing,
    – we challenge ourselves every time we engage with a client, and we make sure we deliver.


If you have a project that requires comedy, music or a keynote speaker, our talent division will assist you finding the right talent for your event/campaign or project as well as your budget.

Our team includes specialists in the areas of comedy, music and business keynote addresses. Our team will take your brief in exact detail and revert with relevant options, availabilities and pricing within a rapid turnaround time.

Great advice, efficient invoicing and contracting, attention to detail and general helpfulness make our agency the leader it is.

The recent acquisition of equity in an award-winning speaker business allows us to offer the very best in terms of current business speakers with confidence.

Full Service Dept

We are privileged to be entrusted with the diaries, career maps and accounting of several important South African comedy artists.


Should you need guidance on the creation of an event, be it simply social, or a communication of important messaging – our creative strategy team is always ready to brainstorm your content.

From napkin sketch/wish list to final execution on a massive scale, we will take your brief, assemble a team of experts and get cracking.

Our excellent admin structure will recon a R12m project right down to the last cent.

We believe that a well-applied beam of light, a thoughtful animation, or a 23m long graph wrapping around the Expo can accelerate understanding and enhance the experience of solving challenges.


Design is a critical element in any business, and we understand that, correctly applied, it’s the difference between “okay” and “game changer”.

Don’t believe us? Ask FNB, or Nandos, XON, Cars.co.za or Distell – they know exactly what we mean.

We design in three areas: Production, Strategy and Brand – and we have three goals:

  • add value
  • add value
  • add value